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This is Megan's Absolute Favorite Yorkie Site!

Yorkshire Terriers - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  Pets 4 You - Yorkshire Terrier Breeders

Interested in owning your own Yorkie? Here's a great list of breeders.

  Yorkshire Terrier Gift Items

Cups, pictures frames...anything & everything for the Yorkie Lover

  Yorkshire Terrier Club of America National Rescue

  The American Kennel Club Online

  Yorkshire Terrier Club Of America, Inc.

Okay...Cody reminded me that he deserves some equal time...so here's a few cat links too (anything to keep the peace in the family! :)

  Meet Morris the Cat

The most famous orange Tabby in the World.

  Garfield & Friends

The second most famous orange Tabby in the World.

  Friskies - Better Care for Life

Being the finicky connoisseur than he is...Cody highly recommends Friskies Cat Food :)

  Funny Things About Cats

Lots of humorous cat links here!

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