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UPDATE 07/25/03:

The Puppy Cam will no longer be online. It was taking up a lot of bandwidth that I can't afford as well as the puppy pin is continuing to move to different parts of the house. I will be putting up new pictures this weekend. So hang in there.

If your interested in adopting any of the puppies that are left please email I will send you an application and other information.

I will put up a special page of the puppies that are left for adoption this weekend with pictures and personality quirks.

Check back soon!

UPDATE 07/01/03:

New Pictures of Puppies 19 days old located at the Puppy Picture Page. Adoption Page is still under Construction. Email if interested and I'll send you a form to fill out.

There will only be 4 puppies for adoption. The other three are already spoken for. The Pictures of the puppies that are up for adoption will be placed on the website about the second to last week of July when they will be close to be ready to go to their new homes the end of the 1st week of August.

I will not ship any dogs! You must pick them up in person or arrange for me to deliver. So please keep this in mind when emailing me.

UPDATE 6/23/03:

New Pictures of Smallest and Largest Puppies 11 days old located at the Puppy Picture Page. I have been getting emails about adopting the puppies. An adoption page will be added soon with the forms to fill out.

UPDATE 6/17/03:

I've added a puppy picture page. You can see it here.

The puppies tails were docked and dewclaws removed yesterday. They aren't happy campers. But they are doing good for the most part. Megan has been keeping them clean and fed like a good mommy.

UPDATE 6/14/03:

Lady Megan and Lord Max have had another litter of puppies on 6/12/03 between 1:00am and 4:00am. There are 7 puppies total. 4 girls and 3 boys. All are doing fine.

PuppyCam is Here

We'll keep you up to date as they get bigger and more active.

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