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This is Cassie (Cassie Kachina Doll is her full AKC name)...aptly named because she is a little doll! She is 3 years old, and 3 1/2 pounds of energy and love.  Cassie's been a guest at our house while her "human mommy", Virginia, is having her house remodeled. It's been so much fun having Cassie here with us.  Needless to say, with her "brother" Timothy and our beloved Megan, it's a real Yorkie-fest around here! 



    Cassie's favorite pastime is finding a fluffy pillow and contently lounging like a princess.  With her gorgeous long hair, she really does look regal. 


Who can resist that face ???  :-)

     And, here's a picture of all three of them!

From top left: Cassie, Timothy and Megan

Here's a perfect example of how different Yorkshire Terriers can be, from size to coloring.

"They say blondes have more fun!"

Also note that Megan's hair is kept trimmed, while Timothy's is fairly long...and Cassie has the almost "classic" Yorkie look with the long flowing locks.  We keep Megan trimmed, because she's the rugged, "outdoorsy" type, and definitely has the traits of her Yorkshire Terrier ancestors (see Yorkshire Terrier history

Ummm, you'll also notice that Megan does NOT have the traditional top knot.  Believe me, we've tried to put her hair up and make her look cute...but it's a lost cause.  

"Don't even THINK about putting my hair up!!!"

"Me and two women. Is this heaven, or what??? !"

Cassie & Cody relaxing on the sofa together 

Cassie's Bath Day!

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