Rowlfy is a five pound Love bug.

He was born on: 6-12-03

Current weight: 5 pounds

More to come later!

Update!: 9/22/03


I just wanted to update you on Rowlfy. We did take him to the vet and he got his second round of shots and check up, he weighed in at 5 pounds. It looks like his lower left canine is growing in just fine. He is already very attached to us and is doing great with his crate training. He also loves running full speed through the yard and even through the house sometimes - though he seems to "forget" his name sometimes when we try to get him to slow down! :) He still loves those belly rubs and is getting more and more used to riding in the car. We got him some squeaky toys that he loves to chase after and he also loves the sound of crinkled paper so we found a toy (its actually a cat toy) that makes that sound and so he throws that in the air with his mouth and chases after it. He's just a cutie, we can't get over how cute he is! I will be taking some film in this week and will e-mail you those pictures when I get them.

Take Care,

Rowlfy's Family

Rowlfy's Current Pictures!

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